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How to Repurpose Your YouTube Transcripts

Matt Phelps

Most YouTubers understand that only a dedicated portion would watch all of your content.

It's frustrating saying something important in one video but a portion of your fanbase disregards it as you have to repeatedly give the same answer over and over again.

This is because people have different consumption habits.

Therefore, not everyone (as in a larger chunk of your audience) doesn't watch all of your videos.

There is just too much content to consume.

Understandably, it's tiring having to answer the same question over and over again.

Despite that not everyone is going to be watching all of your videos, your audience is now everywhere online and the best part is that you can reach them there.

The price is that you would have to repurpose your content, though.

We honestly understand that producing YouTube transcripts can already be a chore. (we talk about it a lot here)

However, there's value in repurposing your YouTube transcript in helping you:

  • reach your current audience on other platforms.
  • and reaching new (overall) subscribers

If you are interested, feel free to keep reading.

Below, we show you 10 ways how you can repurpose your YouTube transcripts to keep your audience with you and to also reach new subscribers.

Why Repurpose Your YouTube Transcriptions?

First of all, there are several reasons why repurposing your YouTube transcripts is valuable - especially when it comes to creating new novel content for your (growing base of) subscribers.

  • You can read the comments and see what is the iconic thing that you did within your content (this could be within one of your highest-rated comments in the YouTube section) and reuse that within other social media channels.
  • You can communicate important or very pertinent information to a larger portion of your fanbase (i.e. an upcoming live stream so you have more viewers watching you live online.)
  • You can reach and communicate with your fanbase on platforms or through a format that's convenient for everyone. (some prefer memes over videos while others do not.)

Even though this article is about how you repurpose your YouTube transcripts, keep in mind that you can repurpose content from other social media platforms with enough material for a video series on your YouTube channel.

So, always keep your mind open to how you can repurpose content because it can actually:

  • save you time when you don't have any idea of what your next topic is going to be.
  • help discover new content that you wouldn't have discovered otherwise on just one channel.
  • reach your new audience through social media channels - some of which wouldn't have discovered you otherwise.

What Can Repurposing You Do for You?

However, there is more to just having fresh content that you can use from repurposing your YouTube transcripts.

There are also some marketing benefits when it comes to producing YouTube transcripts.

Here are some of them:

  • you can customize your content to fit with the platform as you understand what will drive content further than others.
  • you reach your audience on social media platforms at more convenient times.
  • you can expose a new segment of your audience from other social media channels to come and watch your YouTube channel(s).

If you are unsure about how to get a YouTube Transcript done for your video, here´s a helpful guide on how to do it yourself.

However, you may appreciate our method if you are pressed for time here.

Putting things simply, repurposing your YouTube transcripts into other accessible formats (especially certain formats hosted on other social media channels - such as Instagram Carousel) can earn you more subscribers for your YouTube channel(s).

Here are 10 Ways How You Can Repurpose Your Content

Picture showing a 10 for the 10 ways to repurpose your YouTube Transcript

Now that we understand what repurposing your YouTube transcript can do for your YouTube channel, let's show you 10 ways how repurposing your content can drive more subscribers to your YouTube channel.

SEO Blog Posts

Quality, well-made YouTube transcriptions are already an SEO bonus within themselves - however, they may have another benefit if you tend to create long-form videos (9 minutes or more).

SEO blog posts are articles posted online - usually with the intent to rank higher for a search term so that more people can find you.

If you have a website outside of your YouTube channel, you can use your YouTube transcripts as SEO blog posts to drive traffic to yourself (outside of YouTube).

Depending on how you shoot your videos, you can either outright use your YouTube transcripts as SEO blog posts.

However, if you find that your videos are not structured for a direct 1-on-1 blog (for example, some portions of your videos have skits in them), you can either hire an SEO content writer to rewrite your videos or do it yourself by applying the Skyscraper Technique.

As a double bonus, you can also embed your YouTube video into the SEO blog posts to drive the ranking of your blog post at the same time, making it easier for your audience to discover you more easily.

Instagram Stories

Another way to repurpose your content is that you use Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories allows you to post short videos to your audience (Followers) on your Instagram.

With Instagram Stories, you can:

  • use short fan-favorite clips within your YouTube video to post on Instagram.
  • mention your statements in response to someone on social media - using your YouTube script as evidence for your points.
  • use your YouTube scripts as stylish subtitles as you are saying something in your video so your audience understands it more clearly.

Topic-focused YouTube videos are usually longer than Instagram's short video length but if you are clever enough, you can use that to create short clips from YouTube to reach your current (and even new) audience members on Instagram.

Content Calendar for Short Clips on YouTube

You don't have just have to repurpose content for your audience: you can do it for yourself, too.

You can always use your Transcripts to create a content calendar so you can deploy shorter, fan-favorite clips.

A content calendar is a scheduled content calendar of when you are going to deploy content around specific periods in advance.

This helps you better plan out how you are going to release your content to your end audience and saves you time so you can be more focused on creating content for your audience.

Content calendars are especially helpful when you host episodic hourlong podcast episodes that are just recorded live streams.

Not everyone is going to be able to digest all of your content.

However, most people can sit and watch short clips within 30 or 60 seconds altogether and even share those clips with their friends.

Perhaps, you send something poignant or incredibly funny on your podcast and you want more people to hear that too.

You can use your YouTube transcript to piece out shorter clips to post on YouTube as their own separate videos to link directly to the podcast.

In addition, your YouTube transcription within your shorter video clips will be easier to find.

Another added bonus is that people who already listened to the entire podcast can more easily find the moments within the podcast that they want to re-listen over and over again.

By the way, this saves your audience members time searching for the right time when that moment happened and you can give your YouTube channel as you have content that people will keep coming back to and even sharing with their friends.


Example Twitter Poll

Another format that you can use your YouTube transcripts for is polls.

Polls collect user-generated data from people who simply click a button that best expresses how they feel about a certain topic.

What makes them incredibly useful because you can see where your audience rates on a certain issue - which gives you ample ideas to use for your content.

You can use polls for:

  • humor polls (inside jokes)
  • better execution polls ("Is Method A better than Method B?")
  • public opinion polls (GIFS are pronounced "JIFFs" or "GiFFS")
  • what the next video should be on ("Topic A or Topic B")

It is a great bellwether to see how your audience views topics.
If you have a YouTube channel, you may have asked your audience a question within your video too.

You can use your YouTube transcript to post a poll question on other social media platforms.

Because (almost) every social media platform favors engagement, you can use content to leverage the algorithm to expose yourself to new but also relevant subscribers across social media platforms like Instagram and Linkedin.

Polls are a fantastic way for you to stay quickly engaged with your audience in a fun way also leverage the algorithms for engagement to expose your YouTube channel to potential new subscribers.

TikTok Videos

Another format that you can use your YouTube transcript for are TikTok videos, which are videos that are no longer than 60 seconds.

Much like Instagram Stories, you can leverage TikTok to show quick videos to your audience.

Most TikTok videos are incredibly similar to Instagram Stories in terms of how each video is watched and how long the videos are.

Therefore, you can also repurpose your Instagram Story video to TikTok almost identically - again saving you time and broadening up your reach with potential new subscribers.

You can even use your YouTube transcript as a way to enable people to watch your TikTok video when the sound is muted.

This helps you in reaching new subscribers for your TikTok videos.

YouTube Descriptions

YouTube transcript as text example

The one most obvious use for your YouTube transcript is your YouTube descriptions.

Your YouTube Description helps either new viewers or subscribed viewers immediately know what your video is about.

If you want your YouTube videos to be (more easily) found on the platform, adding an SEO-friendly YouTube description is key then.

YouTube descriptions help better categorize your YouTube video so that a more relevant audience can find your video.

Also, algorithms cannot watch your video and detail the right information away (a common complaint that is also directed at the YouTube copyright system).

Perhaps, you mentioned something within one of your videos that someone can only remember that particular statement.

Outside of your general description detailing what your video is generally about, you can add your YouTube transcript into your YouTube description to make your video more search-friendly.

Internationalized Blog Article

Does a portion of your audience live outside of the Western world (such as in Mexico or South Korea)?

Why not help them enjoy your content better with an internationalized blog article on your website.

While there are translator services available, you can effectively use tools like Deepl.com (the translator that is actually better than Google Translator because of how processes natural language).

You use a premium plan to use DeepL to translate what you said accurately into other available languages, too.

While this can be another available closed caption option available for your foreign viewers, you can also use this to boost your presence in International SEO.

With an established YouTube channel and a website, you can use your transcribed YouTube script as an internationalized article for your International readers.

This way, you can generate a new source of traffic from people across the world.

Internationalized Translated Audio

Continuing on the topic of using internationalized content to grow your YouTube channel, you can also use your YouTube transcript to create a translated audio version of your video.

For example, you can use your translated YouTube transcript (preferably from Deepl.com) to hire a voice artist in that language to read over your YouTube script.

Then, you can hire a video editor to add the translated vocal pronunciations into your video.

As a side note, this is easier to do with a video essay or even a video of you talking directly into the camera than videos with skits in them.

It doesn't mean that it's impossible but rather more complicated.

This gives you an added opportunity to create secondary YouTube channels to your main channel that is directed at your specific-internationalized audience.

For example:

  • Your YouTube Channel - Korea
  • Your YouTube Channel - South Korea.

A great benefit of this is that you get to add a new source of traffic and subscribers to your overall YouTube presence while communicating with a portion of your already-subscribed audience in a language that they are more comfortable with.

Instagram Carousel

One great use for your YouTube transcripts is that you can use them for Instagram Carousel.

An Instagram Carousel is where you slide multiple between multiple images from left to right (or reverse, should you choose) which are usually accompanied by a caption equipped with hashtags.

Instagram Carousels are great for 5 things:

  • you can select certain moments within your video as a screenshot to showcase to your audience.
  • you can add multiple images within one social media posting (so people can spend more time looking at the multiple images that you have set up).
  • you can add descriptions that describe the posted images better.
  • you can leverage the Carousel to stay in longer contact with your subscribed audiences.
  • you can create an Instagram Carousel that is unique in that your audience shares them with their own networks

For the description, you can even reuse a portion of your YouTube transcript.

These can be:

  • "direct quotes"
  • "behind-the-scenes"
  • "upcoming announcement"
  • and more.

Also because you are using your YouTube transcript, it will read as a person who actually said it....because you did.

Reach More People, Using the Platform That They Are Most Comfortable With

We understand that transcribing your YouTube videos is a hassle, we've built a tool around it.

However, repurposing your YouTube transcripts opens new opportunities in:

  • saving you time
  • reaching out to your current base of subscribers.
  • growing your base of subscribers from untapped traffic sources.

Yes, repurposing your YouTube video is added work (on top of producing the YouTube video itself).

However, once you find a balance and rhythm to transcribing your YouTube transcriptions, you will see the already benefits for your YouTube channel and yourself.

However, if the thought of transcribing your YouTube video is enough to make an "I Quit" video, we have a tool that makes transcribing YouTube scripts sound human. 👇

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